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Wellness TeamOur wish is that you feel welcomed and appreciated every time you come visit. We do our best to make a perfect match with a therapist who will meet your needs based upon their style and experience. Our experienced Massage Therapists specialize in a customized approach to bring relief and relaxation to our clients. Meet Our Team

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“Learning massage therapy has given me the tools to work alongside people in their journey to wellness—to work through chronic issues I used to feel powerless, yet compelled to address. Nothing has been more satisfying than watching that progress come about session after session.”--June
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It's Brain Awareness week! Treat your brain to 90 minutes of complete serenity in our #FloatTank.
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Say hi to our newest addition to massage therapy team, Charles!

Charles completed the Comprehensive Massage and Shiatsu program at Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School in 2004. His western style massage has become integrated with his Shiatsu training and is always guided by eastern philosophy of healing and balancing the body’s energy (Qi). This integrative approach, allows him to develop a comprehensive plan for wellness. He has a great understanding of movement and often incorporates stretching in his massage sessions. He is an avid biker, and enjoys working with other athletes.

Specialties: Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Hot Stone, and Abdominal Massage

Hours: Sunday 9:15am – 2:00pm, Wednesday 3:15pm – 8:00pm, Thursday 3:15pm – 8:00pm, Friday 9:15am to 12:45pm, Alternate Friday 3:15pm to 8:00pm
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Whether you are seeking stress relief, pain relief or physical therapy for injuries or chronic pain, our massage experts are professionally trained to customize a therapeutic session just for you. During your initial meeting, a therapist will review your needs, discuss an approach and provide treatment. When you remove pain, you regain your life! Read the benefits of a regular massage!
Floatation therapy provides the optimal environment for mind and body total relaxation. Free from gravity's pull, the body can release tension, easing pains and stress - often relieving long -held pain. This deep state of relaxation reduces stress, promotes clearer thinking, stimulates creativity and enhances learning. Relax the body and the mind will follow.
Our products are chosen for therapeutic efficacy, quality ingredients, company sustainable practices, and value. We stand proudly behind anything we present to you. View our list of the products we offer.

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